About Me

I work as a systems administrator on Windows and Linux servers, and have about 10 years experience in mixed systems administration, as well as in storage area networks (Primarily IBM), virtualization, and performance tuning. I am also involved in a number of other groups and projects.

My main project is Fosscon, which you can learn about at http://fosscon.org.
Fosscon is a free and open source conference held annually in Philadelphia.  It has presently been running for 3 years.  I organize this event with the help of volunteers from the open source community, and the financial assistance of organizations and businesses with an interest in free and open source software.

I am network staff for the freenode irc network, where I help provide end user support to users of the network, and work with projects setting up on the network to ensure their channels are setup in a way to best facilitate communication in their groups.

I organize occasional Geeknic events in and around the Philadelphia area, which were to be picnics for geeks but have evolved to include picnics, camping trips, zoo trips, and gatherings at arcades.  You can learn more about geeknics at http://geeknic.org.

I'm a member of the Basekamp group which care more about open culture and shared projects rather than just technology.  I advise on and help implement technical solutions within the group.

I'm on the board of directors for hive76, and excellent Philadelphia Hackerspace.  As the only member of the board who is not also a member of the organization, I see my purpose as to provide an outside view of the space and how the public perceives them as they move forward in their endeavors.