More in depth security with etherpad and apache

I was looking to provide even more namespaces to my etherpad instance, so I added a second "namespace."  I now have 2 distinct namespaces with seperate authentication methods, and thought it might be a good example for someone else looking. The "bks" namespace authenticates against a user table (added to the etherpad mysql database) and the hivesec namespace authenticates against a simple user/password file.

Using apache authentication with etherpad.

Once we started using our shiny new etherpad, we realized it might be handy to have private etherpad pads.  While it's possible to setup etherpad to require authentication, I didn't want ALL our pads to be private, just a subset of them that needed at least a small amount of privacy.

One approach would be to work within the etherpad source and create this new functionality.  This is probably the best approach, and we may do so eventually,  but for now I've instead added apache authentication to a specific subset of pads on our etherpad.

Below is a sample config.



I am a big fan of etherpad, a realtime collaborative editing tool.  After first introduced to it by the Teaching Open Source folks at the first fosscon, I've used it for authoring emails that I wanted others to look at before sending, for looking at code snippits with other eyes, and even for things as mundane as sharing the family grocery list.  There are a number of public etherpads out there, but they seem to come and go, and are sometimes down or unreliable.   I decided to see if I could get my own instance up and running, at least for my own purposes.

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